The Culling

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The story thus far:

You were dispatched to the city of Thayne, a free city located along the eastern coast of the lands of Valeria. This was to be your first mission as true agents and seemed little more than a simple fetch task. Or so you were led to believe.

The City of Thayne:

The city of Thayne has a long and somewhat sorted history, not unlike much of Valeria. The defining feature of this town, however, is the Darking Wall. The wall is one of the greatest accomplishments of the 3rd era not only in architecture but in the black arts as well. The structure stands 50 feet high, 15 feet higher than the city walls themselves, and 20 feet thick. It cuts the city in half from north to south effectively dividing New Thayne from the old quarter. The cyclopean stones that constitute the wall have been magically imbued to withstand direct canon fire and considerable seismic disturbance. The crenelations on top are etched with powerful warding runes and the very mortar itself was created in spellcraft.

The true reason for the walls construction is not fully understood by modern scholars. It has been surmised that an ancient darkness resides within the old quarter walls, why else would the founders of the city go to such great lengths to protect themselves.

to be continued…



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